Canvas Quizzes.Next: The Next Big Thing in Assessment

Session 1 – 1:30-2:20 pm

Location: MU: Trails Room

Ready for the next big thing in LMS assessment tools? Then you‚’ll be dying to try Canvas’ new tool Quizzes.Next! The variety of question types and response options make it easy to assess student understanding or help students study for upcoming assessments. Several question types are tech-enhanced and will help you prepare students for next-generation assessments or high-stakes tests. And you‚’ll be working smarter not harder when you integrate with the question bank tool to write questions you can use in multiple ways across multiple classes.

Presented by
Marie Henderson, Hays Unified School District,

Presenter Bio
Marie Henderson is the Instructional Technology Specialist for Hays Unified School District in Hays, KS where she serves local teachers as a technology trainer and instructional coach. She facilitates more than 50 in-person trainings a year for district staff and presents at state and national technology conferences. She’s passionate about adult learning theory and empowering adults to implement student-centered, research-based instructional practices. Marie taught high school mathematics before transitioning to the role of an instructional coach. In her free time, she’s a wine enthusiast, sings in two local ensembles, and enjoys activities at her church.

Session Type: LMS: Assessment & Outcomes | Canvas | Hands On Lab (50 min.)

Keywords: Learning features in LMSes, Teaching and learning strategies via LMSes, Automated learning sequences and courses, Student engagement and LMSes, Data analytics and LMSes, Digital content creation

Intended Audiences: Instructional Designer,Instructor / Faculty /Teacher, Educational Technologist | K12, Higher Ed | Beginner, Intermediate

Targeted Learning: Learning Objectives: Participants will use different questions types and access the question bank in the Quizzes.Next platform in Canvas. Participants will build quizzes for formative and summative assessments and learn to share them across courses in Canvas.

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