Functional Use of blackboard REST API’s for Ed Tech Support & Innovation

Session 2 – 2:30 – 3:20 pm

Location: MU: Pioneer Room

Blackboard continues to expand the functionality of its REST APIs, and community documentation on how to access and utilize them has made interaction with REST much easier for developers and educational technologists. This session will explore functional use cases for BB REST, focusing on how different API endpoints can help improve processes, increase efficiency, refine support models, and ultimately pave the way to innovation in the Educational Technology space. Several examples of how BB REST was leveraged in the field at the University of Kansas will serve as touchstones for discussion and questions.

Presented by
Robert Tonnies, University of Kansas,

Presenter Bio(s)
Robert Tonnies is the Educational Technology Team Lead at the University of Kansas. His skills and experience as a developer, data analyst, and instructor over the last 9 years have found an overlap in his current role that have matched well with the model for innovation at KU.

Session Type: LMS: Providing Technical Support | Blackboard | Presentation (50 min.)

Keywords: Developer work and LMSes, Statistics tracking, Viewing statistics reports, REST API

Intended Audiences: Administrator, Educational Technologist | Higher Ed | Intermediate

Targeted Learning: Functional understanding of BB REST API’s

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