Inexpensive Call Tracking for Effective Helpdesk Management

Session 3 – 3:30 – 4:20 pm

Location: MU: Pioneer Room

After a reorganization of our helpdesk in 2015, we needed an effective way to start tracking calls for metrics. We wanted something super simple and yet flexible since we did not know exactly what we were needing at the time. As a proof of concept, and having prior experience with Microsoft Access, we decided to develop an application to get our feet wet. After a few iterations and some 200,000 calls later, we are still using it. We have continued to make changes including ever expanding categories for better statistics, and a simple integration into our campus ticketing system, as well as a modified version specifically for the LMS support team. An Microsoft Access database is easily customized for better user interface, and the data is easily accessed or exported for in-depth analysis. We will demonstrate how handy Microsoft Access was to get this project going, and how it continues to server our needs today.

Presented by
Michael Nease, Fort Hays State University,

Presenter Bio(s)
Michael Nease is the Enterprise Support Director at Fort Hays State University with 24 years of support experience.

Session Type: LMS: Providing Technical Support | All LMS platforms | Presentation (50 min.)

Keywords: Statistics tracking, Viewing statistics reports, Other, Support call tracking

Intended Audiences: Administrator, Other | Higher Ed | Intermediate

Targeted Learning: How to create a simple call tracking tool using Microsoft Access, and start collecting valuable data for analysis.

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