On Macro-Grading: Methodology to Reduce Turnaround Time and Improve Feedback Robustness

Thursday, August 1

Session 2 – 12:45 – 1:45 pm

Location: Albertson Hall 104

In this session, the use of macro-grading will be explained and demonstrated as a way to improve the robustness of feedback for students as well as reduce the overall time an instructor spends grading. Many of the tasks associated with grading qualitative content submitted by students (essay questions, term-papers, etc) are repetitive and can be streamlined with this grading methodology.

Presented by
Robert Lloyd, Fort Hays State University, ralloyd@fhsu.edu

Presenter Bio(s)
Dr. Robert Lloyd brings eleven years of industry experience to higher education. In addition to private-industry consulting, he also managed his own fertilizer merchandising firm and real estate investments. He worked for six years as a commodities marketer for Koch Industries in Wichita, KS, spent several summers on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska as an outdoor adventure guide and manager, and served one season as auxiliary staff at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Session Type: Best Practices / Lessons Learned | Effective Assessment | Presentation (50 min.)

Keywords: Assistive technology

Intended Audiences: Role: Teacher/faculty | K-12, Higher Education | Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Targeted Learning: Teachers will learn a new tool that reduces the time they spend grading while simultaneously increase the robustness of the feedback they provide students.