Rough and Tumble: Contributing to the Academic Literature through Formal Peer-Reviewed Publishing

Thursday, August 1

Session 2 – 12:45 – 1:45 pm

Location: McCartney Hall 204

How do you position to successfully publish to the academic literature? How do you know what you have to contribute and what your own voice is? What are the public and known standards, and what are the hidden ones? What are the known risks in publishing, and how do you mitigate these? How do you get out there and contribute, without getting used (too much)? Who are the main players, and what is the state of academic publishing currently? What are the main processes for publishing? How do you avoid fatal errors in your work? Finally, how do you “benefit” from your publication work?

Presented by
Shalin Hai-Jew, Kansas State University,

Presenter Bio(s)
Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew works as an instructional designer at Kansas State University.

Session Type: Best Practices / Lessons Learned | Hands-on Digital Building | Presentation (50 min.)

Keywords: Copyright issues, Pedagogy, Research

Intended Audiences: Role: Teacher/faculty, Role: Tech support, Role: Librarian, Role: Administrator | K- 12, Higher Education, Private Sector / Commerce, Public Sector / Government | Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Targeted Learning: Attendees will learn how to publish in the academic literature.