Developing Students’ Professional Skill-sets through Presentation: An International Community Experience

Thursday, August 1

Session 3 – 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Location: McCartney Hall 204

In this session, an innovative pedagogical approach is demonstrated which allows students to present their projects in an international business course to consumers and business professionals from across the entire globe. This is achieved vis-a-vis video conferencing in these international contacts to the project presentation of the student in real time. Students research a project for an assigned country and then present that project to the class and an international contact from that country. This contact then provides feedback to the student on the project targeted for their country. This project is high energy, high engagement, and highly relevant to helping students develop skill-sets they need as they prepare for the professional context. This teaching method was used in an international business course, but can be tailored to any course which includes international elements. Applicable to online and face-to-face classrooms.

Presented by
Robert Lloyd, Fort Hays State University,

Presenter Bio(s)
Dr. Robert Lloyd brings eleven years of industry experience to higher education. In addition to private-industry consulting, he also managed his own fertilizer merchandising firm and real estate investments. He worked for six years as a commodities marketer for Koch Industries in Wichita, KS, spent several summers on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska as an outdoor adventure guide and manager, and served one season as auxiliary staff at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Session Type: Best Practices / Lessons Learned | Smart Learning Designs | Presentation (50 min.)

Keywords: Instructional design, Instructional technology, Pedagogy

Intended Audiences: Role: Teacher/faculty | K-12,Higher Education | Intermediate,Advanced

Targeted Learning: Teachers will learn a pedagogical approach to exposing their students to both the international community, and to developing professional skill-sets students will need.