Roundtable: Fake News and Mainstream Media Bias

Thursday, August 1

Session 2 – 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Location: MU: Trails Room

This roundtable discussion will focus on strategies for verifying and counteracting media bias, fake news, and the various forms of half-truths that are becoming ubiquitous in our national dialog. The discussion will include examples of media bias and alternative facts as well as positive steps that educators and technologists can take to encourage critical thinking as opposed to blind acceptance of news from the plethora of sources now available.

Presented by
Jonathan Bacon, At Large,
Cindy Higgins,
Dawn Fry,
Jim Hillen, Johnson County Community College,
Ron Rohlf, Fort Hay State University,

Presenter Bio(s)
Rolff: In the early 1990s, Mr. Rohlf studied electronic media and computer internetworking; produced TV & Radio news/commentary shows; and helped establish a regional Cisco Networking Academy. Learning Style Preferences Among Early Internet Adopters was his chosen research focus. Post-y2k, Mr. Rohlf served as an Information Technology (IT) manager for a Western Region Architecture & Engineering firm aligning IT strategy and business goals. Mr. Rohlf served as honorary adjunct throughout the 2000s returning to his alma mater in 2010 to assist with student radio, TV, and newspaper mergers and to help build a digital media program in the Department of Informatics. Fry: is an Instructional Design Administer with over five years of experience as an ID Director. She started her career as faculty and after ten years of teaching, moved into leadership roles. She has been an administrator in: for-profit private education, not- for-profit private education, and for a fortune 500 government contracting company. Dawn is currently working freelance from her home in the Kansas City area. Higgins: Currently an instructional designer for the state of Kansas, Cindy Higgins is a former Kansas City Star reporter and Rockhurst University journalism professor active in state industry historical research. Her degrees are from the University of Kansas (BFA in visual communication), University of Kansas (MS in journalism), and Emporia State University (MS in instructional design and technology). Hillen: Jim has taught Spanish at Johnson County Community College for nearly 20 years and has presented sessions at several past SIDLIT conferences. Bacon: Jonathan Bacon is the former (retired) director of the Johnson County Community College Educational Technology Center. He’s also a founding member of Colleague to Colleague (C2C), past C2C Chair and coordinated the first SIDLIT conference in 2000.

Session Type: Best Practices / Lessons Learned | Roundtable | Roundtable

Keywords: Classroom practices, Library services and support, Management and policy issues, Media in online classes

Intended Audiences: Role: Teacher/faculty, Role: Tech support, Role: Librarian, Role: Administrator | K- 12,Higher Education, Private Sector / Commerce,Public Sector / Government | Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Targeted Learning: Attendees will hear the panel discuss strategies and sources for evaluating news and purported factual statements in all their forms including broadcast media, print media and social media postings.