C2C Digital Magazine

C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2019-Winter 2020)

(This is Volume 1, Iss. 12, for Fall 2019 – Winter 2020.  The periodical ISSN is 2577-1671.  The visual cover was created by Sarah Silva.)  

The contents for this issue include the following:  

Applying Strategic Doing(TM) in Your Organization
Synchronous Distance Learning and 360 Degree Cameras 
Cardflow:  Digital Index Cards on the iPad
Brazilian Experiences with Digital Technologies
Increasing Student-to-Student Engagement:  Applying Conrad and Donaldson’s “Phases of Engagement” in the Online Classroom 
Developing Interactive and Nonlinear Learning Modules for Individualization
How to Design an Overseas Training Program from Scratch
The Joy of the Empty Inbox 
Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Wasted Effort: Exploring Trust in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) 
“Big Game Hunting” for Macro-Scale Federal Grants 
Classroom Accessibility Best Practices 
Mary Hammel on 40 Years of Graphic Design Work in Higher Education:  “I’m still working at my first job” 
Instructional Design on a Shoestring
(with Digital Learning Object (DLO) Mockups for Combined Instructional Design + Development
Drawing Still and Moving Images with the Open-Source “Processing” Programming Language
Scrubbing Digital Resources for Intentional Sharing
Planning a Locally Published Academic E-Book 
Book Review:  Harnessing Blockchain for E-Government, Sustainability, and the Real Estate Sector 
Book Review:  Lessons from the Cold War Era for Today 
Book Review:  Examining Macroeco
nomic Policies in the Global South

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