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3.25.2022 C2C Professional Development Series: The Principle of Least Disruptive Course Design

The Principle of Least Disruptive Course DesignThe inclusion of new or different technologies in course design, although well-intentioned, can adversely impact student learning if not accompanied by opportunities and resources that: Validate the appropriateness of digital tools and their purpose; Promote faculty-use competency;
Promote student-use competency; Provide guided application, and Allot ample time and resources for learning and engagement.
Faculty and course designers should embrace the new opportunities presented by the latest and greatest in digital innovation. At the same time, it is critically important to assure that students and faculty can use these tools and strategies in a seamless way and without sacrificing opportunities for learning and success. In this interactive session, we will review the principles of the least disruptive course design. Participants will also receive a document summarizing research related to this approach to course design.
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The Principle of Least Disruptive Course Design


John Orlando, Ph.D., has spent over twenty years teaching online courses and developing online programs at a variety of colleges and universities. He is the editor of Online Classroom series in The Teaching Professor newsletter, and has published over 75 articles and delivered over 100 presentations, workshops, and keynotes on online education, teaching with technology, and social media.

John is a passionate education consultant, helping teachers learn how to use technology to transform their practice and improve student performance, and has managed faculty training programs at the University of Vermont, Norwich University, and Northcentral University, as well as employee training programs in the corporate sector. He has also done educational research into teaching with technology, including the first study comparing text with voice and screencasting feedback.

If you have questions or comments in advance of the session, please email session facilitator Brad Garner or the PD Subcommittee Chair, Melissa Kay Hort. You may also email inquiries at any time to Colleague2Colleague.

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