2023 Keynote Speaker

We are excited to welcome our keynote speaker, Angela Gunder, to the 2023 SIDLIT Conference.

SIDLIT 2023: Getting Together, Staying Together & Building the Future Together

We are excited to welcome our keynote speaker to the 2023 SIDLIT Conference. Dr. Angela Gunder will deliver her keynote on Aug. 4, 2023.


Angela Gunder

Dr. Angela Gunder is the Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Learning for the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). In this role, she is responsible for gathering, curating, and leveraging the intellectual capital created by and disseminated through OLC. Prior to her position at the OLC, Angela served as the Director of Instructional Design & Curriculum Development for the Office of Digital Learning at The University of Arizona, managing and mentoring the team that builds the fully-online programs for the university. Her decades-long career as a designer for higher education informs her instructional design practice, where she leverages her expertise in web design, usability, visual communication, programming, and standards-based online learning. 

From 2013-2021, Angela was an Associate Editor for the Teacher Education Board of MERLOT, and the recipient of the 2018 MERLOT Distinguished Service Award, the organization’s highest honor. Since 2010, Angela has served as a technical and project lead for three different STARTALK Grants from the National Security Agency, supporting technology literacies and innovations in the world languages classroom. She is also the recipient of two Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Awards for the creation of a framework for personal learning networks, and for the creation of exploratory installations of education technology, respectively.

In 2019, Angela was named an OLC Fellow for her dedication to service, innovation, and scholarship in support of student success in online learning. Angela is an online instructor for The University of Arizona School of Information, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses on instructional design, digital media, web design, and gameful learning. Her research focuses on open remix practices, open culture, digital literacies, narrative digital learning practices, and emerging technology for language acquisition. She holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Fine Art from Fordham University, a M.Ed. in Education Technology from Arizona State University, and a Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies from The University of Arizona, where in 2020 she was named an Erasmus Scholar by the College of Education for her commitment to the college, the university and to the community.

Keynote Title: Embracing the Digital Turn: A New Era of Quality, Equity, and Care in Online and Blended Learning

At the crossroads of technology, pedagogy, and advocacy, a challenge looms – the creation of online, blended, and digital learning environments that prioritize quality, equity, and care. Building upon the perspectives of thought leaders in digital learning pedagogy, this keynote will delve into the exploration of these three fundamental pillars and their manifestation in accessible and impactful digital learning broadly. As we navigate a digital education landscape transformed by rapid change, how can we, as educators, center our focus on creating digital learning environments that foster quality, uphold equity, and promote care? In the pursuit of an equitable future of education, our approach requires strategic intentionality and collaboration. This keynote will dissect these elements, highlighting the powerful role that each plays in the continuous evolution and improvement of digital learning spaces.

We will journey through the triptych of quality, equity, and care, exploring their interconnectedness and individual nuances in a digital education context. The discussion will move beyond the surface, articulating what these principles look like when genuinely centered in our learning environments and strategies. Participants will gain insights into creating inclusive and accessible digital spaces that are not just high-quality but also empathetic and equitable. Participants will engage in reflective activities, analyze current trends, and apply their newfound knowledge to their individual and collective practices. Themes of community building, pedagogical innovation, and the leveraging of technology for educational transformation will serve as the foundation of this engagement.

Ultimately, this keynote is a call to action for all education stakeholders to seize the potential of digital learning centered on quality, equity, and care. We will illuminate the path towards a future where our learning environments, whether physical or virtual, reflect our commitment to access and inclusion. This talk aims to empower participants to be architects of this future, transforming education one digital interaction at a time.

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