SIDLIT: August 2-4, 2023

Summer Institute for Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT)

2023 annual conference

SIDLIT 2023: Getting Together, Staying Together, Building the Future Together

Wednesday, Aug. 2 – Kansas State University, Olathe Campus (afternoon only)

Thursday, Aug. 3 and Friday, Aug. 4: Johnson County Community College

Join us this summer – in person or virtually – as our community of professionals in online learning, educational technology, and instructional design come TOGETHER for knowledge sharing and peer learning. In today’s climate, when disagreement, divisiveness, and disruption seem inescapable, we will take this opportunity to focus on Getting Together, Staying Together, and Building the Future Together.

Getting Together:  Let’s celebrate finally getting back together in person for #SIDLIT2023! At the same time that we return to embracing face-to-face learning, let us not forget what we’ve learned about getting together virtually. How do we leverage the benefits of instructional technology in both physical and virtual classrooms, and both at the same time? What are best practices in online learning & instructional design that get people together in a constantly evolving education landscape? How can we grow the C2C community to increase our “togetherness” and better serve each other?

Staying Together: Whether in K-12 or higher education, or corporate, government, or not-for-profit organizations, education professionals have a responsibility to foster togetherness in our learning communities. We can focus our efforts on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility (DEIBA) to eliminate educational gaps and divisiveness. We can teach and practice effective skills (critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence, and discourse) and promote tolerance and respect for diverse viewpoints in learning. We can emphasize student-to-faculty and student-to-student engagement, collaboration, and connection for better learning and social-emotional wellness. And we can leverage instructional technology to achieve the goals that keep us together.

Building the Future Together: As we look forward, we can play a vital role in building the future of education together. Several key opportunities include incorporating recommendations from the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report; integrating the latest trends in learning technology and instructional design; collaborating between departments and institutions to integrate research and practice together; and making professional development relevant, effective, and engaging.

Call for Proposals

What other ideas will YOU bring when we get together in August? With these themes in mind, we urge you to submit a session proposal aligned with one or more of our regular conference tracks:

  • Design Thinking and Development
  • Edu Research and Data Analysis
  • Educational Technologies
  • Edu Technology Leadership
  • Innovation in LMS & Online Learning
  • Teaching and Learning at a Distance

Click the button below to see the descriptions of each track and guidelines for submitting a proposal.

The deadline for the submittal of presentation proposals is May 31, 2023.

SIDLIT 2023 Conference Registration: Registration for SIDLIT 2023 is open! Please register here!

Conference Costs: The conference is $75 for in-person participation for the three days, and is $50 for the virtual participation.

Questions? Please contact Colleague 2 Colleague, Committee Chairperson Cheryl Zelle, or Committee Vice-Chair Greg Rose.

Looking for professional development throughout the year? Check out the C2C Professional Development Series page for details.

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