2020 C2C SIDLIT Awards

The Colleague to Colleague (C2C) Awards are presented annually at the Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT).

Many of us know awesome individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to improve our courses, programs, classrooms, and our students’ overall learning experience, and all too often their efforts receive minimal recognition. This is your chance to change that!  Have a great innovative teacher or technology leader or support specialist? Know an outstanding online course you’d like to highlight? Nominate them for one of Colleague 2 Colleague’s annual awards detailed below.

Nominees’ names are anonymized, and the reviewers review the nominations based on a rubric of standards from the award criteria.  

The deadline for nominations is July 29, 2020.

Thanks! We value your nominations.

Innovation in Teaching Award

The criteria for this award are a faculty member who best incorporates creative and innovative teaching strategies in their courses.

  • Creates student-focused, learning-oriented innovations in technology to facilitate learning.
  • Demonstrates best practices in online course design including innovative strategies that actively engage students.
  • Actively pursues avenues for personal continuous improvement to facilitate the uses of technology in online learning.

Outstanding Technical Support Staff Award

The criteria for this award are a support person who best exemplifies customer service and outstanding performance in assisting faculty with the use of technology in instruction.

  • Creates an environment for educational technology exploration, innovation, and usage among faculty and students.
  • Creates an environment of listening to determine the student and faculty needs and requirements for utilizing technology effectively.
  • Exemplifies customer service in assisting those using instructional technology.
  • Actively seeks input into the support process to improve the use of instructional technology.

The Jonathan Bacon Outstanding Leadership Award

The criteria for this award are a person who has “pushed the envelope” at any level in support of instructional technology.

  • Sets organizational direction or climate to create an innovative, technology-based student-centered learning oriented climate.
  • Encourages or uses key comparative data and information to track student learning to support operational and strategic decision making for learning innovation.
  • Promotes diverse ideas among faculty and students to enhance a culture of technology usage.
  • Stays up to date on learning technology innovation and promotes funding streams to support growth to improve student learning.

Outstanding Online Course Award

The criteria for this award are demonstrated online course design that incorporates the following elements:

  • Promotes active student learning using innovative engagement techniques.
  • Demonstrates best practices in usability (UX/UI), Accessibility, and Universal Design for Learning.
  • Incorporates multiple learning modalities (eg., video, audio, images, animations, text, etc.)
  • Prescribes to national standards in course design (eg, Quality Matters, CSU Chico, etc.)
  • Utilizes an instructional design framework that addresses the stated learning objectives.

The four awards will be presented at the Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT).  The actual physical awards will be sent out in later August to the recipients’ work (or preferred) addresses.

Questions about Awards may be sent to Gregory Rose at g.rose@umkc.edu.

General SIDLIT 2020 questions may be sent to C2C Chair David J. Swisher at david.swisher@indwes.edu or Vice Chair April Robbs at april.robbs@ottawa.edu.