LMS Preconference: July 31, 2019

C2C is planning its 3rd Annual LMS Preconference to be held on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at Fort Hays State University, in Hays, Kansas. The cost is $10, with an optional $15 lunch available. Register for the LMS Preconference & SIDLIT by July 19, 2019.

The LMS Pre-Conference is designed for faculty who desire LMS-specific insights and resources, librarians & assessment coordinators who support LMS-based instruction, educational technologists, instructional designers, and anyone in K12 or higher education whose leadership or admin role involves management or coordination of the LMS platform.


This year’s event will begin mid-morning (approx. 10:30) and run ’til about 5:00 pm, featuring at least 4 workshop sessions themed around key issues in

  • instructional design,
  • technology,
  • and compliance related to learning management system (LMS) platforms (accessibility, student success, assessment/outcomes, 3rd party integrations through LTIs, etc.).


Please feel free to contact the event’s co-organizers:  David Swisher (david.swisher@indwes.edu) and Minghao “Edward” Tao (m_tao@fhsu.edu).