C2C Professional Development Events

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Colleague 2 Colleague Professional Development Series

C2C hosts virtual Professional Development events on a bimonthly basis, and our Community of Practice (CoP) provides an opportunity to engage with education professionals in a growth-minded environment for the purpose of collaborative learning.

Book Talks

Colleague 2 Colleague – Book Talks (C2C-BT) are held at 4 pm CT on the third Wednesday of the month. We are currently discussing Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning by Antonio Bowen. You can also read Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes as a supplement for discussion.

Following is a schedule of the chapter discussions:

  • 2-15-23 Read Chapter 4, Workbook Ch. 8-9
  • 3-15-23 Read Chapters 5-6, Workbook Ch. 10
  • 4-19-23 Read Chapters 7-8, Workbook Ch. 13
  • 5-17-23 Read Chapters 9-11
  • 6-21-23 Reflect and plan for 2023-2024

Please join even if you didn’t have a chance to read the material.

Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Events (C2C-PD) are held at 4 pm CT on the fourth Wednesday of 10 months out of the year. There are no events in July and December.

These hour-long sessions cover a variety of topics related to teaching and learning with technology. They are hosted on Zoom.

Upcoming Events

Click the registration links above to view the details of our upcoming C2C-BT and C2C-PD sessions. A tentative schedule is provided below for your convenience.

If you have questions or comments in advance of the sessions, please email the PD Subcommittee Chair, Melissa Kay Hort. You may also email inquiries at any time to Colleague2Colleague.